Top 10 Ways to Get into the Spirit of Christmas

10. Christmas smells:

The fastest way to get into the Christmas spirit if you light a special Christmas scented candle in your home.
christmas candle house
The best Christmas smells are the cinnamon with orange, pine, mandarin orange, gingerbread. You can create your own scented candle or you can buy one in a candle shop. If you don't have a candle at home or you don't want make one then you put some orange or mandarin peels and cinnamon sticks on a plate and put it on top of your radiator. The delicious fragrance will fill your home. You can make cookies and they'll smell wonderful while baking.

9. Christmas flavors:

You can buy or make your favorite cookies or cupcakes. The flavors and smells evoke your childhood christmas memories. You can make your own tasty mulled wine. If you will drink your own mulled wine on a silent winter night the spirit of Christmas will permeate you.

8. Listen Christmas songs:

You can listen Christmas music when you prepare for the holiday. If You upload christmas music mp3 on your mobile phone or your mp3 player and you can feel the Christmas spirit wherever you go or whatever you do. Here some evergreen classic Christmas songs. Bing Crosby: White Christmas, Wham: Last Christmas, Chris Rea: Driving home for Christmas.

7. Christmas Presents:

You can buy or make the Christmas presents with your own hands. Your handmade gifts will be greatly appreciated your family. And don't forget that it is better to give than to receive!

6. Visit a nearby Christmas Market:

You can go to a Christmas Market near your own town and you will feel the christmas atmosphere. In every market you can buy Christmas tree decorations, scented candles and Christmas trinkets. You can taste Christmas delicacies like mulled vine, sausages and gingerbreads.

5. Watch Christmas movies:

You can collect and watch the best Christmas movies. Great films such as Home Alone 1-2, The Santa Clause 1-3 are great examples. You eat a Christmas cookie and drink mulled vine while Kevin is throwing bricks at Marv's head. It's an indescribable experience.

4. Read Christmas books:

You can read a Christmas book like A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens, The Night Before Christmas by Clement C. Moore or The Polar Express by Chris Van Allsburg. This way is the one of the best that you get into the holiday spirit.

3. Visit a snowy mine forests or other winter destinations:

If you can do it before Christmas you take an excursion to a snowy mine forest, snowy hills or other snowy winter destinations. Besides the snowy landscape is amazing, it will help you lift your spirit.

2. Christmas trees and Christmas decorations:

You can make your own Christmas decoration in your home. While you are decorating your home with Christmas tree bulbs, candles and handmade ornaments you can listen Christmas music that you raise the Christmas mood. If you decorate your fir tree weeks before Christmas, you can enjoy your Christmas tree for longer time.

1. Visit a church:

With Christmas approaching it is worth visiting a church and listening a Catholic Mass. The Catholic churchs are decorated beautifully in every year.